Moonshine Weekend at Primland


Friday, June 23, 2017 - 4:00 pm

Piedmont Distillers and Midnight Moon will visit Primland this summer for a weekend of moonshine events designed to educate and engage. Enjoy tastings and stories about the history of white lightning in the region, from Prohibition to the present

You will hear from Junior Johnson – part owner, legendary moonshiner and acclaimed NASCAR racer – about the moonshining process. From craft to basic cocktails, a mixology class will walk through how using real, all natural products make all the difference in the taste of the drink.

Later, enjoy a film screening of the Last American Hero, based on Junior Johnson’s life, along with three moonshine tastings for dinner, savor a three-course meal and a Q&A with Junior Johnson where you’ll learn about some of history’s most notorious moonshiners who led the illicit and often dangerous trade in the mountains of Virginia.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ryan Newman’s Rescue Ranch

Please call 866-960-7746 to reserve your spot.


Full Day participation: $165 per person, Individual Activities - Tasting/Mixology Class - $65 per person, Reception/Dinner - $12

Age Suitability : 



2000 Busted Rock Rd.
24120 Meadows of Dan, Virginia
United States